Park West Consulting Group, L.L.C. T.A. (Park West Capital) is a specialized, privately held independent commercial Real Estate Finance Company and Financial Intermediary division of a diverse group of outstanding boutique investment funds. Park West Capital operates as an investment boutique with a singular focus on executing Commercial Debt & Equity Financing.


Park West Capital combines the nimble lending sourcing, structuring, execution and commercial lending capabilities of a deeply skilled and highly focused lending resource with a fiduciary heritage, powerful infrastructure and a framework that closely aligns our interest with those of our investing partners.

Purpose in Market

Park West Capital is fueled by identifying new commercial lending resources, each brining their own specific strengths and lending versatility-to offer powerful Commercial Real Estate lending solutions. We are purpose-built to be your best lending asset not just facing financial disruption, but thriving in it.

Why Park West Capital

For nearly two decades, PWC’s consultants have successfully invested in growing real estate portfolios that participate in every major real estate asset class. PWC’s partnership structure fosters an environment where unique, entrepreneurial real estate investors can focus on what they do best: apply their proven investment process, manage their investment portfolio, and identify trends, while we focus on providing the funding resources.