Value-add Commercial & Apartment Financing

Bridge Loans

Park West Consulting Group DBA Park West Capital has significant experience helping mid-level investors with the financing of their real estate investments through the implementation of value-add financing strategies. Since 2007, we have executed hundreds of value-add Bridge Loans and short term interim commercial real estate loans valued at over $200 million on behalf of mid-level clients.


  • Value-add: purchase of poorly leased properties or those with substantial near term lease rollover, typically at prices below reproduction costs, then renovating or repositioning them to a stabilized, core status
  • Development: ground-up development of new properties, ranging from strong pre-leasing to speculative development


Value-add strategies
Our clients employ the following strategies to help add value to their investments


Underperforming due to lack of capital investment and/or poor management by prior owner
Properties with functional design that can benefit from upgrading
Capital budget – typically 10% or more of total investment
Achieve LEED® certification if economically viable


Undermanaged properties that may have below-market rents
Curing deferred maintenance
Improve the quality, diversification, or average lease duration of tenant profile
Capital budget – typically less than 10% of total investment


Experience and track record ranges from land banking/entitlement process through construction/lease-up
Substantially all new construction will be LEED certified
Typically higher risk than renovation and repositioning with opportunities for higher total returns


Leasing: The key to value-add success
Securing tenants to lease an upgraded or newly constructed property at or above targeted rental levels is the true test for any successful value-add investment.


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